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Rental Program

Cinegears is very pleased to offer rental/lease options for our customers. We have 2 different options to give you more upfront value for your money.

Rent/Lease -> Own

Our Rent/Lease to own program will allow you to use our products for an extended period of time to see if it is really worth your while to invest. There is nothing worse then purchasing an item only to realize that it doesn’t fully fit your needs. This new promotion helps to eliminate that problem. If you find that after 3 months, 6 months a year and a half that you are not utilizing your Cine Gears Products as much as you thought or that it is not the correct range you need you can send it back with out any repercussions. If however, you realize you cannot live with our these products you are already on your way to a full payment and purchase.

Both options are risk free as they carry our full 3 year Warranty

Rental option is listed under the product add on as an optional checker box.


Best Value For Production,

Lease and Rent